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Who We Are & What We Do

As high school and university students, we face these questions every day, and still many of us and many of our classmates are underprepared to have these conversations. We may find ourselves redefining our identities, wondering about where we fit in and wishing we didn’t have to figure it out alone. MVMENT is a collective attempt to shed some light, share some stories and, most of all, show to each one of us students that there are hundreds and thousands of others asking similar questions and grappling with similar challenges.

We live in a rape culture where there are many silent victims among us (according to RAINN, 1 in 6 women will be the victim of a completed or attempted rape during her lifetime). We live in a rape culture where those who are assaulted are frequently blamed for being victims and prohibited from speaking out. We have come to see unwanted advances, catcalling on the street and “innocent” groping as not only excused, but even as an everyday part of our lives. We have become ignorant to the inequities that our society has normalized.

Here at MVMENT, we believe that by engaging with these issues—reading survivors’ stories and opinion pieces from allies, learning more about proper conduct and what constitutes consent, understanding the laws and rules institutions are required to uphold and seeing powerful artwork, pictures and visual media—we can begin to understand our current reality. By understanding, and by engaging, we can begin to create real change. We can create change that does not leave out student voices.

We hope to publish a quarterly online magazine and update our website regularly with new content. If you wish to play a role or get more involved with the publication, visit our Getting Involved page. To read past issues and blog posts, visit Issues and Blog. Welcome to MVMENT: Read. Engage. Discuss.

Who We Are

We are currently working on a special page to show our team organization and share a little bit about ourselves.

What We Do

See Getting Involved for the different sections of MVMENT and brief summaries of each one.

We do reserve the right not to publish any submission that we feel is inappropriate, offensive, endangering or otherwise unsuitable for MVMENT. In these cases, we will provide our rationale to the writer, artist or photographer (if we know their identity) and highly encourage edited resubmissions.

Usage of Visual Submissions

Submitted visual artwork that is approved will be edited by our photography manager and artwork curators to make it suitable for publication. If the artist would like to be involved with this process, we will make that option available. If discernable individuals are present in a photo or other piece of artwork, we must receive their consent before beginning the publication process.


  1. A platform dedicated to gender and sexuality inequality issues on highschool and college campuses.
  2. Currently an online publication with 8 literary sections and 3 photography/visual art sections. Learn more about each section on our Getting Involved page.
  3. A publication of all perspectives and accounts that deal with these issues. We believe that engaging with the problem involves wading through nuanced issues and ideas that need to be expressed. By trying to report the full picture, we are better equipped as individuals to be allies and change the culture we live in
  4. A publication run by students, for students
  5. Aiming to empower individuals and help change the perspective on our current climate

What MVMENT Is Not:

  1. A publication just for girls. Or guys. Or any specific group of individuals. We seek all perspectives, because it is only with differing opinions can we have a rich discussion.
  2. A place for pieces that insult, mock, disparage or otherwise potentially cause harm to victims and allies
  3. Affiliated with any particular school or institution. We report the truth without any bias.
  4. A publication for those seeking legal justice. When reporting survivor/victim stories for example, we have extensive measures in place to guarantee the anonymity of all parties and individuals present
  5. A publication only for victim stories. Not only are there opinion pieces for those who would like to write about their perspective and ideas but also sections dealing with current news regarding and gender and sexuality issues (both locally and nationally), investigative journalism (eg. what are the proper laws in place, who is required to report), educational proper conduct pieces (ex. What is misogyny? How do we perpetuate it?) and a few more. In addition, we accept artwork submissions and photography as well