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MVMENT’s variety of writing offers a full view of sexual and gender inequality as well as sexual assault and harassment. We publish survivor stories to share firsthand accounts that make the gravity of this problem clear, opinion pieces to vary the lenses through which we view this issue, current news stories to keep our community updated on recent events, proper conduct guides to combat problems on our campuses and many more types of written work. MVMENT is a place for anyone to have a voice; we are all affected in some way by these issues. To learn more, read about each of our sections below. Want to submit but still have questions? Feel free to contact us.

Survivor Stories

By reading the first-hand accounts of survivors, we can glimpse a raw perspective of sexual assault and harassment. These stories will be edited (with the author if he/she chooses to be part of the process) to preserve the confidentiality of all parties involved while keeping the author’s experience as authentic as possible. To learn more about our anonymity protocol, see our FAQ page.

Opinion Pieces

The opinion of each ally and survivor is unique and nuanced. By engaging with the thoughts and realities faced by these individuals, we can gain new perspectives on gender inequality. These pieces can be focused on any subgenre of gender and sexuality inequality or sexual harassment, assault and abuse. They can be written by anyone. Anonymity is an option but not a necessity.

Current News

Following current events both within the community and in the world at-large keeps us updated and informed. We can better know what cultural changes are being made as well as what work still has to be done. These articles can be focused on specific issues or broader movements in any regard to gender and sexuality inequality or sexual harassment, assault and abuse.

Investigative Journalism

Understanding the rules, laws and regulations in place as well as the obligations of a supervising institution is imperative to staying well informed. Knowing your rights as well as the consequences from infringing upon others’ is a step in combating rape culture.

Proper Conduct & Education

What is consent? How do I give and receive it? What is misogynistic language? What is an inappropriate advance and why? Many people don’t understand how their seemingly "insignificant" comments or advances are contributing to the larger rape culture. Many don’t understand what proper conduct is, and that is unacceptable. By understanding these issues, we can become a more informed and safer community.

Literary Art

Although both literature and art are individually powerful, when combined properly they can transcend each other. The Literary Art section pairs a visual art piece (photograph, comic, painting, drawing, etc.) with a piece of short writing or a poem. Although we are excited for student-created submissions in this category (either the literature, visual art or both), we hope to also highlight external poetry and artwork.

The Pioneers

Before us, there have been many pioneers expressing their thoughts, values and emotions about gender-inequality, sexual assault, harassment, abuse and more. Although MVMENT is currently dedicated to and created by those in our community, we can learn from the pioneers who challenged popular conceptions and brought light to these issues. This section is for those pioneers and their work.


Letters is a section for club letters (where clubs can share their thoughts and opinions), alumni letters and more. By including an outlet for these various groups to share their thoughts, we hope to gain a richer understanding and add to the MVMENT experience.

Visual Art & Photography

To make MVMENT as well-rounded as possible, we also offer a variety of visual art sections. Read more about the individual aspects below and how to get a message across through art. If you have any questions about our guidelines or submission process, don’t hesitate to contact one of our art editors on the Meet the Team page.

Visual Journalism

Art submissions with the intent to document events.

By documenting events and movements through visual media, we can gain new perspectives and stay informed about important issues and changes being made not just within our own communities. These documentative pieces can focus on specific events or broader movements that relate in anyway to gender and sexuality inequality or sexual harassment, assault and abuse.

Survivor Documentation

Art submissions with the intent to document experiences

Visual media conveying survivor stories and experiences allows us to gain new perspectives and a deeper understanding of sexual assault and harassment. We ask that these visual pieces maintain the confidentiality of all parties involved. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any about confidentiality:

Conceptual Art

Art submissions with the intent to express an idea or opinion

Many artists aim to express their personal opinions through their art. By publishing these pieces, we aim to share artists’ concepts and ideas relating to any subgenre of gender and sexuality inequality or sexual harassment, assault and abuse. They can be created by anyone.

Educational Art

Art submissions with the intent to inform

Submissions in this area have the intent to educate. Some examples include, but aren’t limited to, infographics, diagrams, flowcharts, drawing and paintings. These works inform us about the status quo and changes we can make. By understanding these issues we can become a more informed and safer community.

Sequential Art

Visual storytelling

Submissions in this area aim to tell stories or narratives through comics, a collection of illustrations, or a photography series. Collections should aim to have three pieces at a minimum and will be presented together. Not all collections, however, have to pertain to sequential art.

Short Films/Animation

Art submissions in video format

Through film and animation we can share narratives, opinions, ideas, documentation, and information in impactful ways. If individuals are involved whose likeness are part of the piece, please reach out to us: on how to proceed!

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If you would like to spread the word about MVMENT, we’ve provided some posters below. These include the link to this website and can be hung at local message boards. Help us spread the word!

Taking Action

If you want to start a positive change in your own community, we have tips and resources for good discussion. Take a look at our discussion guides, conversation topics and educational materials below.

Nervous About Submitting?

At MVMENT it is important to us that everyone has a voice. We understand, however, that not everyone is a Pulitzer prize-winning author and might not feel completely confident with their writing. For our writing sections, we have a team of editors and a thoroughly vetted editorial process to ensure that the pieces we publish uphold our journalistic standards. In addition, everything is submitted through our submit page which links to a secure third-party server, accessible only to our executive board. For survivor stories, our journalistic guidelines maintain the anonymity of all parties, even if the author included identifiable details in their submission. For any further questions, comments or concerns don’t hesitate to Contact Us.

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