Frequently Asked Questions

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What is MVMENT?

MVMENT is a publication dedicated to spreading awareness of and combating the rape culture we live in through first-hand accounts, opinion pieces, powerful journalism, and a variety of visual arts. We hope to be an outlet for survivors and allies to describe their first-hand experiences and thoughts to the community.

To find out more visit the About Us page.

How often will MVMENT be published?

Although this will depend on student interest and participation, we hope to publish a magazine-esque product monthly as well as update this digital outlet weekly. With the overwhelming support we have been receiving, these plans are currently viable.

What if I don’t want my piece edited?

So this is a bit trickier and we’re still working through the details regarding confidentiality. If you are a journalist, op-ed or staff writer who is not publishing anonymously, you will receive feedback from the editors and can work with them as they make changes to the piece.

If you submitted a piece to be published anonymously but chose to reveal your identity to the Executive Board, we would love to involve you in the editorial process as well. This would be done discreetly and confidentially with only the involvement of the few individuals on MVMENT’s executive board to keep your privacy intact.

If you submitted a piece to be published anonymously without revealing your identity to the Executive Board, we would sufficiently edit the piece while attempting to maintain the authenticity of the submission.

In all cases, MVMENT reserves the right and will most likely edit all submissions in order to make sure that when necessary the confidentiality of all parties is maintained and that the piece upholds the morals and values that we hold essential. In addition, we hold the right to reject the publication of any piece that is against our morals, but in these cases will strive to work with the author (if possible) and provide rationale for our decision. Resubmitting an edited piece is always encouraged.

Where do you get your content from?

The articles, artwork and photos published are original pieces submitted to us except for the Literary Art and The Pioneers sections, where external poems and pictures may be used. In the event that we use external material, we will follow proper citation protocols and provide credit to the sources we use.

What are you doing to maintain confidentiality?

Confidentiality of the parties involved is something we take very seriously. To ensure we hold all published materials to the same standard, we have created our Editorial Guidelines and Code of Ethics which outline our protocols to maintain confidentiality, our editorial process specifically made to ensure privacy, and the high journalistic standard we hold ourselves to.

Personal submissions will be only looked at by one of the three executive board members who will then remove or possibly obscure identifiable details before sending the piece to other editors. If the author includes contact information and expresses an interest in assisting the editing process, the executive board editor and writer would decide a confidential meeting place and time to edit together. In this way, only one individual knows the identity of submitted entries (for those that wish to submit their identity but publish anonymously).

How can I get involved?

At this stage, telling us your ideas, comments & questions is a great help! If interested in submitting or an editorial position, see our Getting Involved page. To get in touch with us, see our Contact Us page.

To join our email list and receive regular email updates containing important information, see our Contact Us page. All emails are sent BCC (blind carbon-copy) to ensure privacy.

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