Welcome to The Blog!

Dear Reader,

Welcome to the MVMENT Blog! As I noted in my Issue 4 Letter from the Editor, the intent behind MVMENT has always been to educate and empower. In order to achieve those goals, our monthly issues contain a combination personal, journalistic and multi-media content. With each issue, we have grown in size and reach. And while our readers’ feedback has been very positive, we recognize there are improvements to be made.

In an effort to include more targeted and journalistic content, we announced our Staff Writer position in Issue 3. We now have over 15 Staff Writers working closely with our Executive Editors. Due to this influx of growth and our desire to release more timely content without overcrowding our issues, The Blog was born. This space is designed for additional content from the issues, which will still be published on four to six week intervals. This Blog will be updated every Wednesday with extra content. Some weeks will also feature a short letter to our readers regarding our progress on projects and avenues to get involved with us.* In this way, we hope to foster more of a connection with you, our readers, while bringing you more of the content that you love!

The blog also features share buttons for you to share your favorite pieces on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Pintrest and more! We are also working on more ways for you to engage with all of our content, so stay tuned for those updates.

We hope you enjoy the MVMENT Blog and we’re very excited for this next phase!


Vinayak Kurup, Editor-in-Chief

*For those interested in getting more involved with us, email vkurup@mvmentmag.com for more information. We are looking for interested and passionate high school and college students across the country who can help contribute in a multitude of ways. See our Issue 3 Letter from the Editor for more details