Screaming Into the Abyss

by Sophie Ulin

Illustrated by Anya Mohindra-Green

Sound shatters the walls that enclose my mind
Shards of glass stick out from the gooey material
That makes up the human brain
The white noise never stops
And I’m constantly surrounded
By the pain
By the love
By the hate
Suddenly a scream breaks the noise
There’s no way to identify the screamer
Or the reason behind it
Please let calmness return,
Please let the
The parts that make up the white noise
Come back,
Take over.
The screaming continues,
Raging on, and on, and on.
Please make it stop.
I’m begging,
But it never does.
The screaming never stops.
Someone identify it,
Someone end it,
Someone save me.
My hand reaches for my mouth,
Vibrations bounce off,
And suddenly I’m aware
That I am the one who is