by Tavis Cote

Illustrated by Pepper Pieroni

It feels good to have no worries
It feels good to say that I’m free
It feels good to smile and say that I’m well 
To the grandparents asking me

It feels right to say that I’m happy
It feels right to say that I’m fine
But the truth is I’ve never been as lonely as now 
Surrounded by nothing but time

I’ve got friends all over the empty world 
I’ve got people who wave and smile 
But home at last, I’ve got no one to ask 
To chill by the beach for a while

Peace, it seems, is the loneliest thing
The loneliest thing of all
I can hike, I can dance, I can dream of romance 
But no one is going to call

Peace, it seems, is a bittersweet thing
It melts your heart inside
I’ve got nothing to stress and nobody to bless 
And I can’t seem to take it in stride

It feels good to have no future
It feels good to let it go
No one says goodbye, no one stifles a cry 
I’m Home

And alone

And alone and alone 

I’m home

And it’s starting to show

*Author’s Note: This is part two of a four part poetry series on the male tendency to self-isolate and fall into depression. Men, if you’re home or abroad, reach out to that friend that hasn’t been seen by your old squad. Save a life. Be a friend.