I Hope You Are Well

by Rebecca Clemmons

I hope you aren’t thinking of me, 
I hope you aren’t wasting your time.
I hope your thoughts aren’t always on me,
and all that you didn’t do right.

I hope that you’ve forgiven yourself,
and aren’t still beating yourself up.
I hope that you can think of someone else
and I hope that you don’t fuck that up. 

I hope that when you go to sleep,
your bed doesn’t feel so empty.
I hope that of all the memories you keep,
the good ones with me are plenty.

I hope that you don’t lay awake at night,
I hope tears don’t fill your eyes.
I hope you’re not haunted by the ghost of my light
I hope you never realize. 

I hope that your memories deceive you
I hope you forget what I’m like.
I hope you forget the way that I was
how my body feels, what my voice sounds like.

I hope that you don’t regret losing me,
I hope that you don’t think of it every day.
I really hope that you aren’t sorry,
that you did this because you wanted it this way.

I hope you don’t know how much you hurt me,
I hope you don’t know what you did. 
Because if you really knew either of these,
I would hope they would never have been.

But most of all, I hope you never loved me,
just like you said you never did.
I hope that it was all just a horrible lie
because I hope no one in love could do what you did.